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3D architectural visualisations or sometimes referred to as (CGI renders) offers unique benefits across all stages of development from design and planning to construction and marketing. 

With 3D architectural visualisations, at the planning stage enhances the understanding of the developer and are complimentary to 2D drawn information. Because it’s much easier to show than to explain, architectural visualisations provide insight into the future features of a development plan with vivid representation and leave little room for uncertainty. This allows for streamlined planning applications and proposal approvals based on measurable visual data that brings the development to life. 

3D renderings also assist designers and builders by providing a clearer picture of the final product. One which can be observed, calculated, and modified to precise specifications. While 2D drawings certainly have their time and place, there’s nothing quite like a CGI, 3D virtual model to really put a design into perspective. 3D renderings also work wonders as a marketing tool and can be leveraged to secure funding, create VR walkthroughs, and be utilised in countless other advertising formats. 

At BGA Architects this can be handled in house and at an early stage which helps to keep costs down and all drawn information up to date.

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