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BGA Architects are able to produce a variety of visualisations, depending on the requirements of the client.

  • Artists Impression / CGI

  • Animations

  • Virtual Reality

  • 3D Printing


All our projects are produced using the latest BIM software, which provide you with an external view of the proposal in 3D along with internal 3D cut throughs of the proposal at no additional cost.

An example of such images are shown below, alternatively visit our CGI Gallery for more.



Where a more realistic 3D image is required a fee quotation can be provided upon request, the cost of which is dependent upon the level of detail required.

Below shows an internal CGI images of a proposed lounge that was produced for the client as part of the interior design services we offer.


Working out the cost of an animated video is difficult as animations are tailor-made and involve many different factors depending upon the complexity of the animation required.


Typically, the cost of an animation depends upon its length and whether you require music, voiceover and sound effects etc, therefore please get in contact to allow BGA to provide a quotation.

Please see an example of an animation produced by BGA below.


BGA are also able to provide a fee cost for producing virtual reality scenes, these will then allow the client to fully immerse themselves in their proposals via a VR headset, its a great way for a client to visualise the space before works commence on site, and to allow them make any changes prior to works commencing, saving cost and valuable site time.
Please see an example of a virtual view below that would be used within the VR headset.

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