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Our 360/3D immersive walkthrough tours utilise the latest technology. You can visually see a house or interior space from the comfort of your own home or office. Information tags providing detail on any point of interest.

Customers can be anywhere in the world to experience the tour as if they are ‘in the building’ themselves. Seamlessly moving around with the ability to view ceilings, flooring and move to windows to take in the view.

Embed your information tags within the 3D spaces. Use them to attach text, links, photos, audio files, and multimedia / video content to specific areas within the 3D model. (ideal for facilities management).

Simplify maintenance by attaching specification/instruction manuals and training videos to equipment on site in the areas concerned.


Working out the cost of an animated video is difficult as animations are tailor-made and involve many different factors depending upon the complexity of the animation required.


Typically, the cost of an animation depends upon its length and whether you require music, voiceover and sound effects etc, therefore please get in contact to allow BGA to provide a quotation.

Please see an example of an animation produced by BGA below.

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