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Statutory Water Body, in this instance Anglian Water's standard criteria.

The following standard criteria is used to assess all proposals to build over or within three metres of a public sewer.
These criteria have been made available to enable you to carry out your own assessment and determine whether further consultation with Anglian Water is required.

If your proposed works comply with ALL of the below criteria, you will not be required to consult us regarding your proposals.

1. The sewer is less than three metres deep
2. The sewer is 150mm diameter or less
3. The length of sewer passing under the proposed building does not exceed six metres
4. There are no manholes or access points inside the building (prior to any alterations being made)
5. The sewer flows by gravity and is not pumped
6. The foundations are designed to ensure that the sewer is suitably protected
7. The material of the pipe is not pitch fibre or asbestos cement
8. The structure is not a new build premises


Please note that criteria No.3 and No.7 do not need to be considered for building close to the sewer and are only relevant if it is being built over. 


If you are unsure whether your proposals comply with the above criteria, you can submit a consultation to Anglian Water using their online portal Inflow.


Anglian Water will assess the details you provide to them and confirm whether a Build Over Agreement is required. The cost of this service is £52. If a full application and agreement is required, this amount will be deducted from the full application fee.

Please note that you may still be required to make a Building Regulations application to the Building Control Body. If you have already carried out your own self-assessment using the above criteria, we would recommend providing a copy of this document to the Building Control Body at the same time as making your application.

In some instances a CCTV survey of the foul drainage may be necessary.

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