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Russell Munro

Senior Architectural Consultant

BA (hons) Arch, ACIAT

Russell joined BGA Architects in 2001 whilst completing his degree. Over the years Russ has undertaken all types of projects from small extensions to multi million pound schemes.

Adept at building strong working relations with clients and contractors alike. Russ’s thoughtful approach and excellent communication skills enable him to develop solutions together with our clients, other consultants and suppliers to achieve the best outcomes. His experience of delivering projects ensures that BGA proposals are well grounded in reality allowing them to be viable and aesthetic.

Since the Health and Safety Executive’s CDM 2015 Regulations came into effect in 2015, Russell has completed the RIBA Principal Designer Course to ensure that he has the skills and knowledge to show awareness and capability to deliver this role on projects.

With a great understanding of property economics, Russell has the knowledge to provide market appraisals and feasibility studies to both landowners and developers alike.

Russell is the Internal Quality Auditor for the practice and helps to ensuring BGA achieve quality and sustainability in all aspects of the practice.

In his spare time Russ enjoys spending time with his family and friends and can often be found making a cuppa, behind a BBQ, in a restaurant or watching the sport.

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